Designer, Developer, Entrepreneur

Hey there, my name is Phil, and I’m an entrepreneur & software developer based in Denver, Colorado. I’m passionate about designing, building and shipping software products that are easy to use and solve real problems.

My Services

  • App Prototyping

    Need a few screenshots, webpages, or bite-sized functionality to validate an idea? Give me a few days and you'll be ready to go live.

  • UI/UX Design

    After reviewing the problem and goals, I'll prepare an app outline and high-fidelity prototype ready for user testing & product development.

  • Web App Development

    Shiny new features, third-party integrations, onboarding, analytics, and of course, a great user experience. I can craft it all.

  • Mobile App Development

    Whether you need a mobile site or a standalone iOS and Andriod App, I can build the mobile experience you need.

  • My Process


    The strategy phase is when we'll determine our approach for your product/market strategy. We'll review your target customers' most important problems, discuss aspects of possible solutions, and set measurable goals that define your product's success.

    Deliverables: Product Roadmap, Feature Estimates, Definition of Success


    Not all products need to be built out in full to test product-market fit. I can work with you to create what you need to test your idea, whether that be initial mockups of key features, or an app prototype to share with a group of early adopters.

    Depending on your business, a prototype of your full solution might be the minimally viable product you need to land your first customers.

    Deliverables: Product Landing Page, Key Feature Mockups, App Prototype


    Time to sketch out your product. We'll start by reviewing your customers' biggest problem as well any existing solutions, gathering ideas & insights along the way.

    Then we'll come up with a general app outline. From there, I'll create wireframes showcasing each screen or page of the app.

    Finally, after reviewing our wireframes, I'll create a high fidelity prototype ready for user testing.

    Deliverables: App Flow Diagram, Wireframes, High Fidelity Mockups, Clickable Prototype


    Now for the fun part :)

    During this phase, I'll transform our designs into ready-to-ship code, building out a user-friendly, performant, and fully functional product. We'll then take that product live and use it to achieve our definition of success.

    But it's not only about the code. I can also create the complimentary assets you need such as a welcome video or in-app tutorial, as well as set up email autoresponders, analytics, CRM, and any other integrations you need to help succeed.

    Deliverables: Ready-to-Ship App, Third-Party Integrations, Complimentary Product Assets

    Recent Work


    Actionable budgeting

    Par is an application that I've actually been using for several years now with my fiancé to track our spending habits. It’s helped us make real-time decisions about how we spend money.

    I'm now working on pushing a more polished version of it to the App & Play stores.



    Build and share your startup's pitch deck easily

    Pitchwave is the simplest way to create an impressive investor pitch deck. Quickly create your startup’s pitch deck with beautiful, fully interactive slides complete with gestures & animations for web, iOS & Android.



    Business canvas creation, built for entrepreneurs

    Kanvas helps you quickly and easily create, publish, and share business model canvases, without the need for post-its or emails. Collaborate with others in real-time and track your progress as you validate your assumptions.